6.4. Customizing Logging in the VoltDB Enterprise Manager


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6.4. Customizing Logging in the VoltDB Enterprise Manager

When using the VoltDB Enterprise Manager to manage your databases, the startup process is automated for you. There is no command line for specifying a Log4J configuration file.

Instead, the Enterprise Manager provides a Log4J properties file that is used to start each node in the cluster. You can change the logging configuration by modifying the properties file server_log4j.properties included in the /management subfolder of the VoltDB installation. The Enterprise Manager copies and uses this file to enable logging on all servers when it starts the database.

Note that the properties file used by the VoltDB Enterprise Manager is in a different format than the XML file used when configuring Log4J on the command line. However, both files let you configure the same logging attributes. In the case of the properties file, be sure to add your modifications to the end of the file so as not to interfere with the logging required by the Enterprise Manager itself.