1.2. Who Should Use VoltDB


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1.2. Who Should Use VoltDB

VoltDB is not intended to solve all database problems. It is targeted at a specific segment of business computing.

VoltDB focuses specifically on applications that require scalability, reliability, high availability, and outstanding throughput. In other words, VoltDB's target audience is what have traditionally been known as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. These applications have strict requirements for throughput to avoid bottlenecks. They also have a clearly architected workflow that predefines the allowed data access paths and critical interactions.

VoltDB is used today for traditional high performance applications such as capital markets data feeds, financial trade, telco record streams and sensor-based distribution systems. It's also used in emerging applications like wireless, online gaming, fraud detection, digital ad exchanges and micro transaction systems. Any application requiring high database throughput, linear scaling and uncompromising data accuracy will benefit immediately from VoltDB.

VoltDB is not optimized for all types of queries, such as fetching and collating large data sets across multiple tables. This sort of activity is commonly found in business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, for which other database products are better suited.

To aid businesses that require both exceptional transaction performance and ad hoc reporting, VoltDB includes integration functions so that historical data can be exported to an analytic database for larger scale data mining.