6.4. Shutting Down a VoltDB Database


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6.4. Shutting Down a VoltDB Database

Once the VoltDB database is up and running, you can shut it down by stopping the VoltDB server processes on each cluster node. However, it is easier to stop the database as a whole with a single command. You can do this either programmatically with the @Shutdown system procedure or interactively with the voltadmin shutdown command.

Either calling the @Shutdown system procedure (from any node) or invoking voltadmin shutdown will shutdown the database on the entire cluster. You do not have to issue commands on each node. Entering voltadmin shutdown without specify a host server assumes the current system is part of the database cluster. To shutdown a database running on different servers, you use the --host, --user, and --password arguments to access the remote database. For example, the following command shuts down the VoltDB database that includes the server zeus:

$ voltadmin --host=zeus shutdown