5.3. Integrating VoltDB with Prometheus


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5.3. Integrating VoltDB with Prometheus

If you use Prometheus to monitor your systems and services, you can include VoltDB in your monitoring infrastructure. VoltDB Enterprise Edition provides a Prometheus agent that runs as a separate process collecting statistics from the cluster, which are then available to the Prometheus server through port 1234 by default. To use the agent:

  1. Set default to the folder /tools/monitoring/prometheus within the directory where you installed VoltDB. For example:

    $ cd opt/voltdb/tools/monitoring/prometheus
  2. Execute the script voltdb-prometheus:

    $ bash voltdb-prometheus

See the comment at the beginning of the script for command arguments you can use to modify the agent, including the ability to specify the IP address, port, username, and password for the VoltDB server to monitor.