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snapshotverifier — Verifies that the contents of one or more snapshot files are complete and usable.


snapshotverifier [snapshot-id] [--dir {directory}] ...

snapshotverifier --help


SnapshotVerifier verifies one or more snapshots in the specified directories.



is the unique identifier specified when the snapshot was created. (It is also the name of the .digest file that is part of the snapshot.) If you specify a snapshot ID, only snapshots matching that ID are verified. If you do not specify an ID, all snapshots found will be verified.


is the directory to search for the snapshot. You can specify the --dir argument multiple times to search multiple directories for snapshot files. If you do not specify a directory, the default is to search the current directory.


The following command verifies all of the snapshots in the current directory:

$ snapshotverifier 

This example verifies a snapshot with the unique identifier "flight" in either the directory /etc/voltdb/save or ~/mysaves:

$ snapshotverifier flight --dir /etc/voltdb/save/ --dir ~/mysaves