Appendix A. Helm voltadmin Plugin


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Appendix A. Helm voltadmin Plugin

You can control and administer the VoltDB cluster by adjusting properties through the kubectl and helm command line tools. However, a number of common administrative actions require several steps and adjustment of multiple properties in the right order to perform correctly. To simplify these activities, the helm plugin voltadmin automates these steps and simplifies the management process by providing a consistent interface across both bare metal and Kubernetes environments.

To use the helm plugin, you must first install the plugin software and its dependencies. To install the plugin:

  1. Install Dependencies — The plugin requires the same versions of Python, Helm, and Kubernetes as the Volt software; plus an additional Python module, click (version 8.0.1 or later). The easiest way to install the click module is using pip:

    $ python3 -m pip install click

    If you do not already have pip installed, you may need to install it first. And if you do not want to install click for all users, you can use a virtual environment with virtualenv.

  2. Install the Plugin — Do a directory of the repository for Volt Active Data charts and plugins ( and search for "voltadmin". Select the most recent version and install it using the helm plugin install command, specifying the URL of the plugin you want. For example, the following command installs version 1.4.3:

    $ helm plugin install \
  3. Test the Plugin — Once installed, you can use the voltadmin command directly on the helm command line. Use the --help flag to get a list of the commands and arguments you can use. For example:

    $ helm voltadmin --help

The following reference page describes the management commands that the voltadmin plugin supports.