B.5. VoltDB Database Startup Options


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B.5. VoltDB Database Startup Options

The following properties affect how Helm interacts with the VoltDB cluster and specific initialization options, such as the initial schema and procedure classes.

Table B.4. Options Starting with cluster.config...

.auth.usernameOperator admin user name used to access VoltDB. Required. Superseded by credSecretName when providedvoltdb-operator
.auth.passwordOperator admin password used to access VoltDB if security is enabled. Required. Superseded by credSecretName when provided.""
.auth.credSecretNameName of the premade secret containing Operator admin username and password. This overrides auth.username and auth.password values and avoids including the password in yaml.""
.schemasMap of optional schema files containing data definition statements{ }
.classesMap of optional jar files container stored procedures{ }
.licenseXMLFileVoltDB Enterprise license.xml{ }
.log4jcfgFileCustom Log4j configuration file{ }