8.3. Common XDCR Properties


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8.3. Common XDCR Properties

No matter what approach you choose for establishing the network mesh, you must first configure the clusters as members of the XDCR quorum the same way you do on bare metal. That is, you must assign:

  • A unique DR ID for each cluster between 0 and 127

  • The cluster role (XDCR)

  • At least one node from the other cluster as the point of connection for the Network Discovery phase

On traditional servers these properties are defined in an XML configuration file. On Kubernetes, you specify the configuration using YAML properties starting. The following table configures XDCR using DR ID 1 with a connection to the cluster with a release name of brooklyn.

        id: 1
        role: xdcr
          enabled: true
          source: \