Chapter 3. Starting and Stopping the Database


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Chapter 3. Starting and Stopping the Database

The key to managing VoltDB clusters in Kubernetes is to let the Helm charts do the work for you. You can use helm commands to perform all basic activities for running a database. This chapter explains how to use helm commands to:

  • Start the cluster for the first time

  • Stop and restart the cluster

  • Resize the cluster

  • Pause and resume

  • Start multiple clusters within one Kubernetes namespace

Subsequent chapters explain how to manage the database once it is running, how to modify the database and cluster configuration, and how to upgrade the VoltDB software itself.

3.1. Starting the Cluster for the First Time

As described in Chapter 2, Configuring the VoltDB Database Cluster you can customize every aspect of the database and the cluster using Helm properties and the configuration can be as simple or as complex as you choose. But once you have determined the configuration options you want to use, actually initializing and starting the database cluster is a single command, helm install. For example:

$ helm install mydb voltdb/voltdb                        \
   --values myconfig.yaml                                \
   --set global.voltdbVersion=13.2.0                     \
   --set-file cluster.config.licenseXMLFile=license.xml  \
   --set cluster.clusterSpec.replicas=5