3.2. Starting the Enterprise Manager


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3.2. Starting the Enterprise Manager

After you install and start the Enterprise Manager, it establishes a web server that you can connect to from a web browser[2] to display the management interface. So, for example, if you start the Enterprise Manager on the server zeus, you connect to the url http://zeus:9000/ to access the dashboard.

When you first connect, the Enterprise Manager asks for your username and password. The Enterprise Manager is secured against anonymous access. If you have not modified the default security settings, use the username admin and the password voltdb to access the management console. You will be asked for your credentials every time you connect to the Enterprise Manager from a new browser session.

Once you have logged in you are ready to use the dashboard. The first time you start the Enterprise Manager, there are no databases defined. So your next step, after logging in, is to create your first database. The next chapter explains how to do that.

[2] VoltDB Enterprise Manager is tested against and supports the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Use of other browsers for accessing the web interface may work, but is not recommended.