A.2. VoltDB Management Interface: Reference Section


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A.2. VoltDB Management Interface: Reference Section

The VoltDB management interface provides a set of management functions that let you create, update, and remove resources within the Enterprise Manager. These management services let you define databases, add servers and catalogs, and stop and start the databases, all programmatically using HTTP calls. These services are available from URLs starting with /man/api/1.0/mgmt/.

The management interface also provides a set of informational services, that return statistical data about running databases, the differences between two catalogs, and log messages from database servers and the Enterprise Manager itself. The URLs for information services start with /man/api/1.0/info or /man/api/1.0/log.

Table A.3, “Summary of the VoltDB Management REST Interface” summarizes the resources and methods available through the VoltDB management interface.

Table A.3. Summary of the VoltDB Management REST Interface

/mgmt/catalogsList catalogsAdd catalog  
/mgmt/catalogs/{id}Catalog object  Delete catalog
/mgmt/databasesList databasesAdd database  
/mgmt/databases/{id}Database object Update database propertiesDelete database
/mgmt/databases/{id}/start  Creates database 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/recover  Recovers database 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/stop  Stops database 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/pause  Pauses database 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/resume  Resumes database 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/snapshot  Initiates a snapshot 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/collect  Collects log files 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/servers/{id}/start  Starts the server 
/mgmt/databases/{id}/servers/{id}/stop  Stops the server 
/mgmt/deploymentsList deploymentsAdd deployment  
/mgmt/deployments/{id}Deployment object Update deployment propertiesDelete deployment
/mgmt/serversList serversAdd a server  
/mgmt/servers/{id}Server object Update server propertiesDelete server
/mgmt/snapshotsList snapshots   
/mgmt/snapshots/{id}Snapshot object  Delete snapshot
/info/catalogdiffsList differences between two catalog objects   
/log/messages/List messages from the database servers   
/log/managements/List messages from the management server   

The following pages provide detailed information concerning each service.