2.6. Applying Your Enterprise License


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2.6. Applying Your Enterprise License

The VoltDB Enterprise Edition requires a license. When you start the Enterprise Manager, the software looks for the license file, license.xml, first in the subfolder (voltdb) where the software JAR files are installed, then in the VoltDB configuration directory.

When you receive a commercial license from VoltDB, you can copy the file to the VoltDB configuration directory (~/.voltdb by default) so the Enterprise Manager finds it automatically. Note, however, that a license in an installation directory or in the configuration directory may be overwritten or deleted as part of an upgrade. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the license file outside the VoltDB directories in case you need to reinstate it following an upgrade.

If you store your license in an alternate directory, you can specify its location on the command line when you start the Enterprise Manager using the -l argument (lowercase "L"). For example, the following command starts the Enterprise Manager using a license file named voltdb-license.xml and stored in a system-wide directory:

$ ./enterprise_manager.sh -l /etc/voltdb-license.xml