2.4. Starting the Enterprise Manager


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2.4. Starting the Enterprise Manager

Once you install the management software and set up SSH, you are ready to start the Enterprise Manager. The Enterprise Manager comes with three files:

  • enterprise_manager.jar — This is the Enterprise Manager software. When you run this Java JAR file, it creates the Enterprise Manager process and web server.

  • users.xml — This is the security configuration file for the Enterprise Manager web interface. The Enterprise Manager is protected by a username and password. The configuration file defines what username and password pairs are allowed to access the console interface. See Section 2.5, “Configuring Access to the Enterprise Manager” for information on modifying the security settings.

  • enterprise_manager.sh — is a shell script for starting the Enterprise Manager. Use this script to start the Enterprise Manager process.

To use the default settings, change directory to the folder where you installed the software and invoke the Enterprise Manager process using the included shell script. For example:

$ cd ~/voltdb-ent-4.6/management
$ ./enterprise_manager.sh

When you start the Enterprise Manager, it creates a dedicated web server on the current system (using port 9000). To access the management console interface, you connect to the console server from a web browser.

2.4.1. Specifying the Network Interface and HTTP Port

If you wish to change the HTTP port that the Enterprise Manager uses, you can specify a different port number as an argument to the script (using -p). This then becomes the port number you specify when accessing the console from your web browser.

If the server running the Enterprise Manager has more than one network interface, Enterprise Manager listens on all available IP addresses by default. You can tell Enterprise Manager to use one specific network interface by specifying the IP address with the -a flag.

For example, the following command starts the Enterprise Manager using the network address and port 8181:

$ ./enterprise_manager.sh -a -p 8181

2.4.2. Using a Different Configuration Directory

You can also specify what directory the Enterprise Manager uses to store configuration information. By default, it creates the hidden directory ~/.voltdb to store its configuration information. If you want to a different configuration directory, use the -m argument. For example, the following command starts the Enterprise Manager using the directory /etc/voltdb/ as the configuration directory:

$ ./enterprise_manager.sh -m /etc/voltdb/