Chapter 7. Updating the Database


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Chapter 7. Updating the Database

It is not uncommon, after running a database application in development or production, to realize that there are improvements that could be made to the database schema, the stored procedures, the configuration, and so on. This sort of incremental improvement is a natural part of database development.

VoltDB lets you make many incremental improvements "on the fly" — without having to shutdown or restart the database. The Enterprise Manager makes this process even easier by providing a simple interface for changing the software and hardware configuration, and for loading and deploying updates to the application catalog. On the dashboard, click on the Edit button on the appropriate panel to modify:

You can also change the cluster configuration by adding servers "on the fly" while the database is running.

7.1. Updating the Database Configuration

To modify the database configuration, simply click Edit on the configuration panel and make the appropriate changes in the Edit Database dialog box. Some attributes (such as name and description) are modifiable at any time. Others require that the database be stopped before they can be changed.

If an attribute is not modifiable because the database is currently running or paused (for example, K-Safety or any of the port numbers), that field will be grayed out. To change these attributes, you must stop the database first and then make the changes before restarting.