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/mgmt/snapshots — Manage snapshot resources






Fetches information about the current snapshots stored on the management server. A call without a snapshot ID returns a list of snapshots. A call with a snapshot ID returns information about that snapshot specifically.


Deletes the specified snapshot from the Enterprise Manager. You must specify a valid snapshot ID in the URL.


There are no input arguments to the snapshot methods, since the snapshot objects themselves are immutable. However, the structure of the snapshot object returned on a GET is as follows:

Argument NameTypeDescription
nonceText (read-only)The unique identifier used as a prefix for snapshot files
timestampInteger (read-only)The timestamp identifying when the snapshot was taken
sizeInteger (read-only)The size of the snapshot (in bytes)


The following example gets a list of all of the snapshots on the management server:

curl http://voltdbmgr:9000/man/api/1.0/mgmt/snapshots/