8.2. Special Considerations for Existing Customers


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8.2. Special Considerations for Existing Customers

The new features and capabilities in VoltDB V13.0 do not impact existing applications. However, there are a few changes that require action for users upgrading from earlier versions. Existing customers should take note of the following changes:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS/RHEL V7 are no longer supported

    Starting with V13, Ubuntu 18.04, which has reached end of life, and CentOS and Red Hat V7 are no longer supported as production platforms for Volt Active Data. Although the VoltDB software may continue to run, we strongly recommend upgrading to either Ubuntu 22.04 or Rocky Linux or REHL V8.6 or later for production use.

  • The standalone Prometheus agent is deprecated

    Support for Prometheus data scraping was originally provided by a separate Prometheus agent (run in a separate pod on Kubernetes). That original cluster-wide agent has been replaced with a new metrics system that provides Prometheus endpoints on all of the cluster nodes, each reporting its own data. As a result, the standalone Prometheus agent has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.