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This book helps existing customers upgrade the Volt Active Data software from one major version to another. New features and improvements that require changes to existing syntax or client applications are reserved for major releases of the product only (e.g. V8, V9, V10, and so on). To make the upgrade to these major versions smoother for existing users, this book describes any incompatible changes for each major version and the steps necessary when migrating to it from previous releases.

The best way to use this book is before you upgrade to a new major version, read the chapters for each of the intervening releases and take the appropriate actions. For example, if you are planning to upgrade from V8 to V11, you should read the chapters on migrating to V9, V10, and V11.

1. Structure of This Book

The first two chapters of this book describe the Volt Active Data release strategy and the upgrade process. The release strategy describes the schedule for specific releases and the role of the Long-Term Support release for each major version. The upgrade process gives you an overview of the steps to take when preparing to upgrade to a new major version of Volt Active Data. Subsequent chapters describe specific tasks for upgrading to each of the major releases: