1.2. Staying Current


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1.2. Staying Current

For customers who want to take advantage of the latest features of Volt Active Data, we recommend you install and test the latest version of the software. Your feedback is invaluable to the continual improvement of the product. In cases where your business application is dependent on features introduced in the latest major release, Volt provided timely updates to the latest version for bug fixes and functional improvements.

For customers focused on stability, we recommend working with the latest LTS release. Even though it may not be the most recent version, all LTS releases are maintained and patched as necessary to provide you with the most stable software platform possible. When it comes time to upgrade, we recommend upgrading from one LTS version to the most recent LTS version, to provide continuity and stability in your base platform.

For customers who need both stability and cutting edge capabilities, we recommend using LTS releases in production and developing on the latest version. By doing planning, development and testing on the latest release, you are ensured you are ready to roll out the latest features into production as soon as a new LTS release is announced. As an added benefit, you have the opportunity to help influence new features to fit your business requirements before production starts.