1.4. Working with VoltDB Effectively


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1.4. Working with VoltDB Effectively

It is possible to use VoltDB like any other SQL database, creating tables and performing ad hoc SQL queries using standard SQL statements. However, to take full advantage of VoltDB's capabilities, it is best to design your schema and your stored procedures to maximize the use of partitioned tables and procedures. There are also additional features of VoltDB to increase the availability and durability of your data. The following sections explain how to work effectively with VoltDB, including:

  • Chapters 2 and 3 explain how to install VoltDB and create a new database.

  • Chapters 4 through 8 explain how to design your database, stored procedures, and client applications to maximize performance.

  • Chapters 9 through 12 explain how to create and use VoltDB clusters to increase scalability and availability.

  • Chapters 13 through 15 explain how VoltDB ensures the durability of your data and how you can integrate VoltDB with other data sources using export for complete business solutions