3.5. Restarting a VoltDB Database


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3.5. Restarting a VoltDB Database

To restart a VoltDB database use the voltdb command with the recover action. For example, the following command restarts a single-node database:

$ voltdb recover

To restart a database on a cluster, execute voltdb recover on each node and specify the deployment file and the cluster’s host node. For example, assuming voltsvr1 is the cluster’s host node, a command such as the following would be executed on all nodes of the cluster. Be sure the number of nodes on which you run the command match the number of nodes defined in the deployment file:

$ voltdb recover -d deployment.xml -H voltsvr1

Remember that when executing the command on the host node, VoltDB needs to access the license file. If the license file is not in any of the standard VoltDB locations you must explicitly identify it. For example, the command on the host node might be:

$ voltdb recover -d deployment.xml  -H voltsvr1 \
                 -l /usr/share/voltdb-license.xml