1.2. How to Use This Book


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1.2. How to Use This Book

This book is divided into ten more chapters:

  • The beginning of the book (chapters 2 and 4) explains how to design your database schema, stored procedures, and client applications for maximum performance.

  • Chapter 5 explains how to accommodate flexibility in the schema design through the use of JSON columns and indexes.

  • Chapter 6 explains how to use VoltDB's geospatial capabilities for applications that need to combine standard database content with location-specific information such geographic points and shapes.

  • Chapter 7 explains how to create custom connectors for import and export, as well as formatters to be used by importers.

  • Chapters 8 explains how to define your own scalar and aggregate functions for use in SQL statements.

  • Chapters 9 explains how to implement custom tasks that execute stored procedures on a specified schedule.

  • Chapter 10 explains in detail how memory is used by the VoltDB server process.

  • Chapter 11 provides guidelines for configuring time services when running a VoltDB cluster.