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@Ping — Indicates whether the database is currently running.




The @Ping system procedure returns a value of zero (0) indicating that the database is up and running. The system procedure does not respond until the database completes its startup process.

The @Ping system procedure is a lightweight procedure and does not require any interaction between cluster nodes, which makes it a better choice than other system procedures (such as @Statistics) if all you need to do is check if the database is running.

Return Values

Returns one VoltTable with one row

STATUSBIGINTAlways returns the value zero (0) indicating success.


The following program fragment calls @Ping to determine if the database is still available. For example, if the client application has not sent any data for awhile, it can check to see if the server is running before sending any new transactions. Note that you can either check the response value or the status value to determine if the call succeeded or not.

ClientResponse response = client.callProcedure("@Ping");
if (response.getStatus() == ClientResponse.SUCCESS) {
    /* We can continue */
} else {
    /* Server is not ready */