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@Resume — Returns a paused database to normal operating mode.




The @Resume system procedure switches all nodes in a database cluster from admin mode to normal operating mode. In other words, @Resume is the opposite of @Pause.

After calling this procedure, the cluster returns to accepting read/write ad hoc queries and stored procedure invocations from clients connected to the standard client port.

@Resume must be invoked from a connection to the admin port.

Return Values

Returns one VoltTable with one row.

STATUSBIGINTAlways returns the value zero (0) indicating success.


You can call @Resume using the sqlcmd utility. However, you must explicitly connect to the admin port when starting sqlcmd to do this. It is often easier to use the voltadmin resume command, which connects to the admin port by default. For example, the following commands are equivalent:

$ sqlcmd --port=21211
1> exec @Resume;
$ voltadmin resume

The following program example uses @Resume to return the cluster to normal operation.