3.5. Stopping the Database


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3.5. Stopping the Database

How you choose to stop a VoltDB depends on what features you have enabled. If you are using command logging (which is enabled by default in the VoltDB Enterprise Edition), it is a good idea to perform an orderly shutdown when stopping the database to ensure that all active client queries have a chance to complete and return their results (and no new queries start) before the shutdown occurs.

To perform an orderly shutdown you can use the voltadmin shutdown command:

$ voltadmin shutdown

As with all voltadmin commands, you can use them remotely by specifying one of the cluster servers on the command line:

$ voltadmin shutdown --host=voltsvr2

If security is enabled, you will also need to specify a username and password for a user with admin permissions:

$ voltadmin shutdown --host=voltsvr2 -u root -p Suda51

If you are not using command logging, you want to make sure you perform a snapshot before shutting down. You can do this manually using the voltadmin save command. Or you can simply add the --save argument to the voltadmin shutdown command:

$ voltadmin shutdown --save

The most recent snapshot saved to the database snapshots directory (by the voltadmin save command to the default location, automated snapshots, or voltadmin shutdown --save) will automatically be restored by the next voltdb start command.