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This book provides details on using VoltDB to optimize the performance of your database application as well as customize selective features of the VoltDB product. Other books — specifically the VoltDB Tutorial and Using VoltDB — describe the basic features of VoltDB and how to use them. However, creating an optimized application requires using those features in the right combination and in the appropriate context. What features you use and how depends on your specific application needs. This manual provides advice on those decisions.

2. Other Resources

This book provides recommendations for optimizing VoltDB applications and customizing database features. It assumes you are already familiar with VoltDB and its features. If you are new to VoltDB, we suggest you read the following books first:

  • VoltDB Tutorial provides a quick introduction to the product and is recommended for new users.

  • VoltDB Planning Guide provides guidance for evaluating and sizing VoltDB implementations.

  • Using VoltDB provides a complete reference to the features and functions of the VoltDB product.

  • VoltDB Administrator's Guide provides information for system operators on setting up and managing VoltDB databases and the clusters that host them.

These books and more resources are available on the web from