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ARRAY_ELEMENT() — Returns the element at the specified location in a JSON array.


ARRAY_ELEMENT( JSON-array, element-position )


The ARRAY_ELEMENT() function extracts a single element from a JSON array. The array position is zero-based. In other words, the first element in the array is in position "0". The function returns the element as a string. For example, the following function invocation returns the string "two":


Note that the array element is always returned as a string. So in the following example, the function returns "2" as a string rather than an integer:


Finally, the element may itself be a valid JSON-encoded object. For example, the following function returns the string "[0,1,2,3]":


The ARRAY_ELEMENT() function can be combined with other functions, such as FIELD(), to traverse more complex JSON structures. The function returns a NULL value if any of the following conditions are true:

  • The position argument is less than zero

  • The position argument is greater than or equal to the length of the array

  • The JSON string does not represent an array (that is, the string is a valid JSON scalar value or object)

The function returns an error if the first argument is not a valid JSON string.


The following example uses the ARRAY_ELEMENT() function along with FIELD() to extract specific array elements from one field in a JSON-encoded VARCHAR column:

SELECT language, 
       ARRAY_ELEMENT(FIELD(words,'colors'),1) AS color,
       ARRAY_ELEMENT(FIELD(words,'numbers'),2) AS number
       FROM world_languages WHERE language = 'French'; 

Assuming the column words has the following structure, the query returns the strings "French', "vert", and "trois".