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STR() — Returns the string representation of a numeric value.


STR( numeric-value [string-length [decimal-precision]] )


The STR() function returns a string representation of the numeric input. The first argument can be either a FLOAT or DECIMAL value.

The optional second argument specifies the maximum size of the output string and must be an integer between 0 and 38. If the maximum string length is less than the number of characters required to represent the numeric value, the resulting string is filled with asterisk (*) characters. The default length is 10 characters.

The optional third argument specifies the number of decimal places included in the output, which is specified as an integer between 0 and 12. If the numeric value requires more decimal places than specified, the value is rounded using "banker's rounding". (See the description of the FORMAT_CURRENCY() function for a description of banker's rounding.) If the decimal precision is not specified, the value is rounded and only the integer portion is returned.


The following example uses STR() to return a percentage, rounded to two decimal places and including the percent sign.

SELECT STR( 100.0 * c.population / total_pop ) || '%'
  FROM countries AS c,
    (SELECT SUM(population) AS total_pop FROM countries) as w