Chapter 3. Starting the Database


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Chapter 3. Starting the Database

This chapter describes the procedures for starting and stopping a VoltDB database and includes details about configuring the database. The chapter contains the following sections:

3.1. Initializing a VoltDB Database

Use the voltdb command with the create action to start an empty, single-node database suitable for developing and testing a database and application:

$ voltdb create

Other database startup actions include adding or rejoining nodes to the cluster, and recovering the database from snapshots after the database stops. More startup arguments identify such information as a host to manage startup in a cluster, and a deployment file containing cluster configuration options. The rest of this chapter covers these issues and more in detail.


If the database you are working on has stopped, use voltdb recover to restart it. Do not rerun the voltdb create command or your schema and data will be reinitialized to an empty database. Later in this chapter we explain how to safely stop and restart a VoltDB database.