Appendix C. Snapshot Utilities


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Appendix C. Snapshot Utilities

VoltDB provides two utilities for managing snapshot files. These utilities verify that a native snapshot is complete and usable and convert the snapshot contents to a text representation that can be useful for uploading or reloading data in case of severe errors.

It is possible, as the result of a design flaw or failed program logic, for a database application to become unusable. However, the data is still of value. In such emergency cases, it is desirable to extract the data from the database and possibly reload it. This is the function that save and restore perform within VoltDB.

But there may be cases when you want to use the data created by a VoltDB snapshot elsewhere. The goal of the utilities is to assist in that process. The snapshot utilities are:

  • snapshotconvert converts a snapshot (or part of a snapshot) into text files, creating one file for each table in the snapshot.

  • snapshotverifier verifies that a VoltDB snapshot is complete and usable.

To use the snapshotconvert and snapshotverifier commands, be sure that the voltdb /bin directory is in your PATH, as described in the section on "Setting Up Your Environment" in the Using VoltDB manual. The following sections describe how to use these two commands.