B.8. System and Cluster Status


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B.8. System and Cluster Status

The following tables describe the metrics that report the status of the cluster and the individual systems within it, as well as additional metrics not covered by other categories.

Table B.15. System


The number of milliseconds difference between the system clock time of the current host and the remote host.


The number of file descriptors open in the process.


The maximum number of file descriptors allowed for the process running the server.

Table B.16. Miscellaneous


Reports the status of recent rebalancing operations. Informational metric. Tags:

  • BALANCE_MOVED_ROWS - The number of rows of data that have been moved.

  • BALANCE_PERCENTAGE_MOVED - The percentage of the total segments that have already been moved.

  • BALANCE_ROWS_PER_SECOND - The average number of rows moved per second.

  • BALANCE_ESTIMATED_REMAINING - The estimated time remaining until the rebalance is complete.

  • BALANCE_MEGABYTES_PER_SECOND - The average volume of data moved per second, measured in megabytes.

  • BALANCE_CALLS_PER_SECOND - The average number of rebalance work units, or transactions, executed per second.

  • BALANCE_CALLS_LATENCY - The average total time between start and finish of rebalance operations. (TODO: in millis? should be in seconds)

  • BALANCE_CALLS_TIME - The average execution time for rebalance transactions. (TODO: in millis? should be in seconds)

  • BALANCE_CALLS_TRANSFER_TIME - The average time spent transferring data during rebalance transactions. (TODO: in millis? should be in seconds)


Number of unique partitions in the cluster (not including MP partition).