B.7. Operator Configuration Options


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B.7. Operator Configuration Options

The following properties configure the Volt Operator, which is in turn responsible for managing the startup and operation of all other Volt components.

Table B.6. Options Starting with operator...

.enabledCreate VoltDB Operator to manage clusterstrue
.image.registryImage registrydocker.io
.image.repositoryImage repositoryvoltdb/voltdb-operator
.image.tagImage tagv0.1.0
.image.pullPolicyImage pull policyAlways
.replicasPod replica count1
.debug.enabledDebug level loggingfalse
.logformatLog encoding format for the operator (console or json)json
.serviceAccount.createIf true, create & use service account for VoltDB operator containerstrue
.serviceAccount.nameIf not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template""
.cleanupCustomResourceAttempt to cleanup CRDs before installing the Helm chart (Helm 2 only)false
.cleanupNamespaceClustersDelete ALL VoltDB clusters in the namespace when the operator Helm chart is deletedfalse
.podLabelsAdditional custom Pod labels{ }
.podAnnotationsAdditional custom Pod annotations{ }
.resourcesCPU/Memory resource requests/limits{ }
.nodeSelectorNode labels for pod assignment{ }
.tolerationsPod tolerations for Node assignment[ ]
.affinityNode affinity{ }
.securityContextContainer security context{"privileged":false,​"runAsNonRoot":true,​"runA