Collect (helm voltadmin collect)


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Collect (helm voltadmin collect)

Collect — Collects logs, configuration, and error files for all nodes of a VoltDB cluster.


helm voltadmin --release={release-name} collect --outdir=/tmp

global qualifiers:


The helm voltadmin collect command collects logs, error files, and configuration information for both the base system and the database. This information can help debug issues with the database operation.


The following global arguments must precede the command name, except --outdir which can follow the collect command keyword.


Specifies the Kubernetes cluster where the database is running.

- -help

Displays a list of available commands and qualifiers. To see help for a specific command and its options, put the --help qualifier after the command name.


Specifies the Kubernetes namespace where the database is running.


Specifies the destination directory where the collected data is stored. You must specify an output directory and /tmp is recommended because it is the only writeable location on the pod. Required.


Specifies the Helm release name of the cluster you want to collect information from. Required.


Displays additional information about the specific commands being executed.


The following example collects information from the database cluster associated with the mydb release.

$ helm voltadmin --release=mydb collect --outdir=tmp