Sqlcmd (ksqlcmd)


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Sqlcmd (ksqlcmd)

Sqlcmd — Executes queries and displays information about the database


ksqlcmd [--release={release-name}] [arguments...]


The ksqlcmd command is identical to the sqlcmd command except with the --release qualifier in place of the --servers and --port qualifiers for specifying which database you want to connect to. By default, the command connects to the "default" release listed in the welcome message when you connect to the diagnostics pod. The command also uses the TLS/SSL security configuration specified for the diagnostics pod when connecting to the database, as described in Section A.1.2, “Using the Diagnostic Tools Securely with TLS/SSL”.


The ksqlcmd supports all of the arguments available for sqlcmd, as described in the sqlcmd reference page. In addition, ksqlcmd supports the following qualifier.


Specifies the Helm release name of the cluster you want to connect to.


The following example lists the contents of the contestants table for the database cluster running on the mydb release.

$ ksqlcmd --release=mydb --query="select * from contestants;"