5.5. Using the VoltDB Deployment Manager REST API


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5.5. Using the VoltDB Deployment Manager REST API

You use the REST API by sending HTTP requests to the URL http:///server-name:8000/api/1.0/ of a server running the deployment manager. The following table lists the currently supported REST objects and methods.

Table 5.1. REST API Objects and Methods

/api/1.0/databases/List databasesAdd database  
/api/1.0/databases/{id}Database object Update database propertiesDelete database
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/deploymentDatabase deployment that will be used. Update deployment properties 
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/statusGet Status of database   
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/start  Start Database 
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/recover  Recovers database 
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/stop  Stops database 
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/servers/Get Server list from databaseAdd Server  
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/servers/{id}/Get Server Details of a database UpdateRemove Server
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/servers/{id}/start  Start a Node of a Database (Always do rejoin) 
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/servers/{id}/stop  Stop a Node of a Database 
/api/1.0/databases/{id}/servers/{id}/statusGet Status of node.