Chapter 2. Preparing the Servers


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Chapter 2. Preparing the Servers

VoltDB is designed to run on commodity servers, greatly reducing the investment required to operate a high performance database. However, out of the box, these machines are not necessarily configured for optimal performance of a dedicated, clustered application like VoltDB. This is especially true when using cloud-based services. This chapter provides best practices for configuring servers to maximize the performance and stability of your VoltDB installation.

2.1. Server Checklist

The very first step in configuring the servers is making sure you have sufficient memory, computing power, and system resources such as disk space to handle the expected workload. The VoltDB Planning Guide provides detailed information on how to size your server requirements.

The next step is to configure the servers and assign appropriate resources for VoltDB tasks. Specific server features that must be configured for VoltDB to perform optimally are:

  • Install required software

  • Configure memory management

  • Turn off TCP Segmentation

  • Configure NTP (time services)

  • Define network addresses for all nodes in the cluster

  • Assign network ports