1.3. Management Tasks


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1.3. Management Tasks

Database administration responsibilities fall into five main categories, as described in Table 1.1, “Database Management Tasks”. The following chapters are organized by category and explain how to perform each task for a VoltDB database.

Table 1.1. Database Management Tasks

Preparing the ServersBefore starting the database, you must make sure that the server hardware and software is properly configured. This chapter provides a checklist of tasks to perform before starting VoltDB.
Basic Database Operations

The basic operations of initializing, starting, and stopping the database. This chapter describes the procedures needed to handle these fundamental tasks.

Maintenance and UpgradesOver time, both the cluster and the database may require maintenance — either planned or emergency. This chapter explains the procedures for performing hardware and software maintenance, as well as standard maintenance, such as backing up the database and upgrading the hardware, the software, and the database schema.
Performance Monitoring

Another important role for many database administrators is monitoring database performance. Monitoring is important for several reasons:

  • Performance Analysis

  • Load Balancing

  • Fault Detection

This chapter describes the tools available for monitoring VoltDB databases.

Problem Reporting & AnalysisIf an error does occur and part or all of the database cluster fails, it is not only important to get the database up and running again, but to diagnose the cause of the problem and take corrective actions. VoltDB produces a number of log files that can help with problem resolution. This chapter describes the different logs that are available and how to use them to diagnose database issues.