2.4. What is Included in the VoltDB Distribution


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2.4. What is Included in the VoltDB Distribution

Table 2.2 lists the components that are provided as part of the VoltDB distribution.

Table 2.2. Components Installed by VoltDB

VoltDB Software & RuntimeThe VoltDB software comes as Java archives (.JAR files) and a callable library that can be found in the /voltdb subfolder. Other software libraries that VoltDB depends on are included in a separate /lib subfolder.
Example ApplicationsVoltDB comes with several example applications that demonstrate VoltDB capabilities and performance. They can be found in the /examples subfolder.
VoltDB Management CenterVoltDB Management Center is a browser-based management tool for monitoring, examining, and querying a running VoltDB database. The Management Center is bundled with the VoltDB server software. You can start the Management Center by connecting to the HTTP port of a running VoltDB database server. For example, http://voltsvr:8080/. Note that the httpd server and JSON interface must be enabled on the server to be able to access the Management Center.
Shell CommandsThe /bin subfolder contains executable scripts to perform common VoltDB tasks, such as starting the VoltDB server process and issuing database queries from the command line using sqlcmd, Add the /bin subfolder to your PATH environment variable to use the following shell commands:
DocumentationOnline documentation, including the full manuals and javadoc describing the Java programming interface, is available in the /doc subfolder.